A revolution in management

of Human Talent

A tool created for companies of any size

Successful Decisions is a tool that helps companies maximize their profitability by providing the information the organization needs to make decisions that will help it grow.

Application Modules

Each module has been designed to provide the tools that each area of the organization needs to strengthen in order to bring human talent to the highest level of performance.


Easily create and manage your organization's performance indicators, all in real time.

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Maintain control over your employees' information. Create accurate cost projections.

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Organizational Development

Define which competencies each position in your organization needs precisely.

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Projections and Analytics

Project short, medium and long term staffing requirements in your organization.

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Create salary scales for your organization, have more control of your payroll.

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It creates selection processes by competence, projects the need for personnel in the future.

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Every function within the tool has been carefully thought through for its easy and optimal use, allowing you to get the most out of the platform.

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Why Choose

Successful Decision?

  • Lower Cost
  • Shorter implementation time
  • Helps you have committed employees
  • Immediate and accurate projections
  • Maximizes the company’s profitability
  • Cost control like you’ve never handled them before
  • Be part of a community by sharing ideas and good practices from one industry with another.

Do you want to be

more productive?

Successful Decision helps you keep your day productive, so you can focus on what matters most.