Plans and Prices for your needs

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Plan Comparison

** Applies according to the number of active employees in the company
** For contracts of three to 5 years, the monthly fee is frozen, with the number of active employees at the date of signature

Benefits for your company

  • Increase productivity / Performance of your staff
  • Optimize your human capital processes
  • It has accessible information at any time and from anywhere
  • Save on administration and infrastructure of the application
  • Facilitates a self-management tool, accessible to all staff
  • Reduces Personnel Rotation by up to 50%
  • Decrease overtime up to 60%
  • Control your labor costs by positions
  • Measure your goals is indicators easily and quickly
  • Strengthen your competitiveness, projecting a clear vision of the future(indicators, costs, expenses, etc.)

Do you want to be

more productive?

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