Organizational Development

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Define which competencies each position in your organization needs precisely. Make better decisions based on the results of studies generated by the platform. Keep the right person in the right position, always.

The right person for the right job.

Each and every position within your organization requires a specific set of skills and competencies for its optimal development. Having the right person in the right position is vital to the optimal performance of your organization.

The Organizational Development module has been designed to define and evaluate each person in a position in the organization. For this, the prestigious "9 boxes" methodology is used, which allows the potential and performance of each member of the organization to be measured in a precise, clear and effective manner.

"9 Boxes" Methodology

The information generated by the application, together with the methodology, allows us to locate the employees with high potential and empower them to take on a greater role in the organization.

Skills by position

Define which skills each position in your organization needs.

Evaluate each position

Measure job compatibility of your employees in the organization

Correct data = Accurate projections

Maintain control over your budget and staffing requirements. Our platform gives you all the tools to manage your organization's human and financial capital in an optimal way.

Optimize your human resources

Learn what the winning teams within your organization have in common, what the most productive employees have in common, and what makes an employee less productive.

Get better control of the

Human Talent

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