Critical Business

Information at your fingertips

Easily create and manage your organization's performance indicators, taking control of the performance of your employees, areas, companies, machines, etc. Everything in real time and at your fingertips.

Your company, Your data

Every decision in a company or organization must be based on consistent data that provides insight into reality and allows the right actions to be taken that lead to growth.

The Dashboard module has been designed so that it not only generates consistent and accurate information, but also gives you the opportunity to easily choose and configure the information that is most relevant to you and your business objectives. A panel completely adaptable to your needs, which shows only the information relevant to you, in real time.

Everything you need in one place

Compare goals with your real results, track multiple companies, countries, regions in real time, all in one place.

Your company, Your goals

Create a KPI dashboard for each employee, each user decides what they need to see or measure.

Easy to set up

Whether you're a balance scorecard expert or a beginner, this module will help you measure what you need, without any complications.

Correct data = Accurate projections

Maintain control over your budget and staffing requirements. Our platform gives you all the tools to manage your organization's human and financial capital in an optimal way.

Optimize your human resources

Learn what the winning teams within your organization have in common, what the most productive employees have in common, and what makes an employee less productive.

Get better control of the

Human Talent

See for yourself the benefits the platform can bring to your organization, free of charge! Calculate how much your organization could be saving with our Benefits Calculator.