Application Scope

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Successful Decisions is a tool that helps companies maximize their profitability, providing the information that the organization needs to make decisions that lead to its growth

Application Scope


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  • Administration of graphics that allow to visualize the results of greatest interest for each user of the system.
  • Verification of the detail of the data generated by each dashboard chart.
  • Easily create and manage the performance indicators of your organization, taking control of the performance of your employees, areas, companies, machines, etc.
  • All in real time and within reach of your hands.
  • Everything you need in one place
  • Create a KPI dashboard for each employee, each user decides what they need to see or measure.


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  • Employee registration
  • Contract management
  • Holidays
  • Non-productive activities
  • Complete management of positions or jobs
  • Work schedules
  • Management of overtime (includes traceability in the time of overtime)
  • Movement record of collaborators (promotions, transfers, casualties, etc.)
  • Total control of information
  • It costs labor for positions
  • Keep an eye on your costs
  • Help your employees in the process of entering the organization, share documents to new employees among others, or income among others.


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  • Definition of indicators of the organization
  • Definition of targets for each indicator and date in which it will be measured
  • Assignment of indicators
  • Enabling massive load of collaborators’ performance
  • Verification of compliance with indicators over time
  • Generation of KPI master and export to Excel for custom analysis
  • Your company, your goals, it does not matter if you are an expert in balance scorecards or beginner, this module will help you measure what you need, without any complications.


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  • Definition of concepts
  • Definition of payroll types
  • Complete management of the return and traceability over time
  • Generation of operational, fiscal, social security reporting.
  • Administration of labor liabilities
  • Overtime and vacation management

Organizational development

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  • Evaluate how you are implementing and communicating your organizational strategy
  • Create surveys easily and quickly
  • Generates and analyzes results in real time
  • Holding register
  • Company registration
  • Registration of venues
  • Cost centers and accounting accounts
  • Complete management of functional areas and organizational chart of the company


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  • Enabling a website so that external candidates can apply to company selection processes
  • Selection by competences
  • Definition of phases of selection process by position
  • Detailed workflow of the selection process for each phase that integrates it
  • Summary of the selection process result
  • Generation of recommendations for candidates to hire


  • A clear vision of the future
  • Create and project the labor budget of your organization by cost center with information such as: cost of recruitment, benefits, rotation, salaries, among others.
  • Project your costs.
  • Keep control of labor costs.

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